Buy from Malaysia and ship to Singapore. Shipping fee from SGD14.

*Delivery to SINGAPORE is between 3 to 6 working days

*13 item(s) sold

**2 item(s) sold in last 1 Month(s)


  1. Input the product link you are looking to buy (Shopee, Lazada or any e commerce website)
  2. Input the remark such as quantity, colour and etc
  3. We will WhatsApp you the amount for 1st payment (SGD3/item)
    • Per item is regardless of quantity. If you want to buy a same t shirt for 10 pieces, we will charge you SGD3.
    • If your item is RM90/SGD30, for the first payment will be SGD30+SGD3=SGD33
  4. Once the parcel reaches our warehouse, we will take a photo of the parcel and send it to you (We do not open the parcel and take photo, photo taking of the exterior only)
  5. We will WhatsApp you the amount for 2nd payment once we weigh and measure the parcel ( Shipping price list – )
  6. Once you have made 2nd payment, courier will collect the parcel on the next working day.
  7. You can consolidate your orders, just add to cart each item you require then checkout.

Please take note of the following;

  1. We do not take any responsible of the following as we do not open your parcel.
    1. If seller sent wrong items
    2. Faulty items
    3. Damage items

  • *Please state the variation such as size, colour and etc and the exact quantity.


Q: How long is the shipping?
A: Shipping takes 3-6 working days (Working days excluding Singapore, Malaysia Federal Holiday, and Johor State holiday)
->International shipping takes 14 to 21 working days
*Singapore public holiday can be found in this link –
** Malaysia Federal Holiday and Johor State holiday can be found in this link –

Q: Do I have to pay GST?
A: If the parcel value is less than SGD400 per parcel, you do not have to pay GST
*Refer to

Q: How do you charge for shipping?
A: We charge based on actual weight or volumetric weight whichever is higher.
*Example if your item weighs 1kg and the box is 30x20x20cm, we will charge you based on 2.4kg. The volumetric weight of the item is 30x20x20cm divided by 5000 = 2.4kg
* Price list can be view in this link

Q: What are the items that I am able to ship from Malaysia to Singapore?
A: You can ship anything as long as the item is not a controlled & prohibited good in Singapore. Some items are classified as controlled goods or prohibited goods. These goods require permits and import licenses from authorizing government agencies like Health Sciences Authority (HSA), Singapore Food Agency (SFA), Singapore Customs, Info-Communication Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA) & National Park Board (NParks). If you are unsure, kindly please contact them and get confirmation.
*For a full list of controlled & prohibited goods –

Q: Can I ship liquid items?
A: Liquid not more than 1L or 10 pieces whichever reaches first.

Q: What if the item I received is damaged?
A: is not responsible for any lost or damaged parcel. We will advise you beforehand to pack your parcel as well packed as possible. For any damages or loss claims, please contact directly.
*Extra charges chargeable for extra packaging

Q: Can you collect the item from the seller?
Yes, we can. It will be charged at $1.50/RM4.50 per km (min $17/RM51 whichever is higher. The starting point from our warehouse at JB.
*Please take note that we are not responsible if the item is damaged.
**The collection is excluding shipping fees back to Singapore.

Q: Do you do personal shopping from Malaysia’s mall?
If you need personal shopping from JB IKEA or any mall in JB, we charge RM51/SGD17 or 30% of the total spent per location whichever is higher.

The fee does not include packagings such as bubble wrap or boxes.

*Please take note that if the item you require us to purchase and is not available on the day we visit the premise, the fee chargeable still apply.

Q: Can you help me to dropship?
Yes. You can order from Malaysia and we ship directly to your customer. No invoice or anything will be paste on the box.

Q: Why do you need an invoice or receipt?
Singapore CUSTOMS requires all items to declare even if it is a free item such as clothing and etc. The value cannot be zero. You can provide an estimate if you do not have an invoice or receipt. You can always WhatsApp us the invoice, receipt, or estimate.

Q: Will you paste the invoice and receipt on the parcel?
We do not paste any invoice or receipt on anything. The purpose of the invoice and receipt is for us to make a declaration to Singapore CUSTOMS of your items and value.


Q: What are the payment methods?
A: Payment can be done by Paynow (No fees) or Internet Banking (Malaysia)