Royal Canin Urinary S/O for Dogs (Wet Food) 12*410g


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Urinary S/O is for the nutritional management of dogs with struvite or oxalate crystals and lower urinary tract disease.

Recommended for cases of (indications):

  • Struvite uroliths: dissolution and management of recurrence
  • Calcium oxalate uroliths: management of recurrence
  • Bacterial cystitis: management of secondary struvite crystalluria (in association with adequate antibiotic therapy.)
  • Not recommended in case of (contraindications): Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), Heart disease (when sodium restriction is sought)
  • Concurrent use of urine-acidifying drugs, Growth, gestation, lactation, Pancreatitis or a history of pancreatitis, Hyperlipidaemia.

It is recommended that a veterinarian’s opinion be sought  before use.

Feed Urinary S/O for 5 to 12 weeks for the dissolution of struvite stones and up to 6 months for the reduction of struvite stone recurrence.

In older dogs, renal function should be checked before recommendation. Water should be available at all times. A full health check should be performed by a veterinarian every 6 months.