Max & Paw Pet Supplement Dog Supplement Probiotic 200g [Buy for me]

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  • 200g
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【Max & Paw Probiotic】200g

Suitable For All Dogs & Cats 🐶🐱 From Puppy/Kitten to Senior

A 5g spoon provided in the tub

  • 3 days
    • ✅ To A Strong Digestive
  • 7 days
    • ✅ Detox Bacteria & Mange Out From Dog’s Body
  • 14 days
    • ✅ Reduce Allergies Symptom (Reduce Fur Loss)
  • 30 days
    • ✅ 70% Stronger Immune System

Continue to eat

  • ✅ Increase Overall Health Of Your Dogs

Dog feeding instruction 🐶

  • 1 day feed 2-3 times

Per meal;

  • Puppy, 1-2g
  • 1-10kg, 2-3g
  • 10-20kg, 3-4g
  • Over 20kg, 4-5g

Cat feeding instruction 🐱

  • 1 day feed 2 times

Per meal;

  • 1kg-5kg, 1-2g
  • 5kg-10kg, 2-3g

Additional information

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Half treatment (1 tub), Full treatment (2 tub), 2 Set Full treatment (4 tub), 3 Set Full treatment (8 tub)